Identity, Purpose, and Legacy

What is the mission of Sons Project?

Sons Project is on mission to regenerate and cultivate masculinity by sharing stories. We believe in you, your dreams, and the legacy you are leaving behind.

Why was Sons Project created?

Sons Project was created because we found encouragement from men vulnerably sharing their stories of how God touched our lives. We are grateful for how the men in our lives opened up their hearts and spoke wisdom into our lives. We hope that these stories stir in your heart increased understanding of your identity as a child of God.

What will you get from these stories?

Sons Project’s hope is for you to relate to the stories you find here. You may be able to find parts of yourself in the struggles, experiences, and victories through these stories. We hope you find encouragement, hope, and freedom. Above all, we hope you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

What is the takeaway?

Sons Project’s ultimate goal is to draw you closer to Jesus.